Tip for Recovering Addicts #1- Physical Health

Physical health is not to be ignored for recovering addicts. Pay attention to your body symptoms and make the effort to maintain good health.

This blog series is NOT about harping on staying clean. You are already in recovery, so staying clean is obvious, but being in good health makes it easier. This is about finding a sustainable way towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether you are beginning or have been in recovery for awhile, it is important not to neglect 5 important areas of life, which are necessary for balance. This is more than the basic body/mind/spirit idea of balance. I have been successful in recovery for 25 years because I believe in God (I don’t call the omnipotent power ‘higher power’ because God IS God) and I have learned to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Here are 5 areas that need to be in balance independently as well as correspond and overlap with each other.

#1- Physical Health   #2- Emotional Health   #3- Relationships   #4- Job Satisfaction   #5- Community Involvement

First of all- EAT RIGHT!!! That means regular meals at regular intervals. Stay away from junk food and watch the portion size if you need to watch your weight.

If you have a physical condition that requires special diet, you know how important this is.  Fresh foods are always best.  Get natural proteins, vitamins and sources of energy. Here’s one of those tired but true sayings: You are what you eat.

To get some really good information on health aspects, you might want to get this book: The Everything Health Guide to Addiction and Recovery

Secondly- EXERCISE!!! Get up and move, get your circulation going. Even if it means parking farther away at work to get a few extra steps to/from work or the store, it will benefit you in some way.  Keeping up with household chores are a good workout (yeah, I know) but really, they are. Just don’t overdo the vacuuming or mopping if you have a back injury.  If you have the time and budget, by all means, go to a gym or fitness center. Then celebrate your exercise by turning on some music and dancing around the room. This can also can improve your #3-relationships. (Meet other people who care about their health). Getting outdoors is refreshing… go!When you look good, you feel good, so pay attention to your appearance. Treat your skin well, it is the only one you have. Maybe even try making your own skin treatments from ingredients in your kitchen.  Skin resources provides 100’s of easy recipes. See my ‘how to’ video in HOMEMADE Facial Mask- EZ on this site.  And there are many blogs out there that have ideas. I like Jill’s Home Remedies, that’s where I got the idea to use elderberry as a flu preventive. (So far, so good.)

Finally, be VERY cautious about what medications you take. If you have chronic medical problems, be honest with your doctor; be informed about your prescriptions; be willing to consider alternative pain management, so that you don’t fall into a transfer addiction. Don’t kid yourself, there is not a magic pill to make it go away.  I absolutely follow natural/organic/holistic approaches to my ailments.  That includes making my own skin care, grow my own vegetables, and utilize herbs and vitamins to supplement the minor conditions I experience as I age. Finding and taking the proper supplements can aid in eliminating those awful side-effects that sometimes are worse than the symptoms of synthetic medication.  Our bodies are wonders of creation, they can heal and mend, but it requires patience, knowledge and persistence. As I have said before; watch, listen, read.  Here are some suggestions for natural products you could try instead of potentially addicting prescriptions. Check out the ads on the right of this article.

For updates and advice about medical, I recommend: www.healthcaremagic.com  They talk about all kinds of things, from foods to medication to general tips- just about everything!  If you are curious or very interested in natural medicine, you might want to check out this natural home remedies ebook.

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