What nature provides

Nature provides so much of what has been around since the beginning of the earth. Wouldn’t it make sense, that in order to find relief from the maladies our body contracts, to use products with natural ingredients?

I have had many clients that face chronic physical conditions. They struggle with pain, discomfort, and more than ever, side effects from medication. I think about this whenever I see commercials on TV that spend more time listing the possible side effects than the benefit of the medication!  So, I gotta wonder how bad the symptoms are to subject oneself to that.  Worst of all, is the ultimate side effect= addiction to pain medication.solitarypoem

Nature is God-given, and there are many resources that offer alternative, organic, natural treatment products. Perhaps you want to make your own herbal remedies.  There is health wealth that only nature provides!  Explore, look, read, learn.  For example, traditional, old-fashioned homemade remedies can be found at What Grandma Knew, provides many of these for common problems.  If you want guaranteed, pure, organic herbs so that you can make some of these, click on the right side of this browser Mountain Rose Herbs, has all you need… more recipes, too!

Stress is a major contributor to physical ailments. Nature also has ways to help alleviate the affects.  Trees are part of nature that helps reduce stress.

As spring comes upon us, take note of the beauty trees provide. Their bright, bold colors will burst during spring. Colors have been found to have effects on human senses and green is the prevalent color of trees.
“Green is said to be good for you heart. On a physical and emotional, green helps your heart bring you physical equilibrium and relaxation. Green relaxes our muscles and helps us breathe deeper and slower.

Green, which is Nature’s colour, is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving. – Paul Brunton

How does the color green make you feel? For many people, it immediately brings to mind the lush green of grass, trees, and forests. Perhaps because green is so heavily associated with nature, it is often described as a refreshing and tranquil color.  

  • Green is a cool color that symbolizes nature and the natural world.
  • Green also represents tranquility, good luck, health, and jealousy.
  • Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal. Those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches. http://psychology.about.com/od/sensationandperception/a/color_green.htm

I can’t hurt to consider natural alternatives before taking synthetic substances. Check if the active ingredient comes from a plant. Be smart, be healthy.

Unfortunately, some illnesses require serious treatment. We all probably know someone who has undergone the excruciation of chemotherapy.  There is little to help alleviate the miserable effects. Only love, faith and hope. My heart goes out to anyonedeath to life suffering with cancer.