9 things Mama taught us from the Bible

On Mother’s Day, I was sitting in church listening to the minister go over 9 things that Mom taught us.  Things that gave us confidence.  Things that warned us of heartache.  Things that assured us we were loved.  You were supposed to pay attention to the “moral” of the story….  here they are …tree row

Conduct yourselves with wisdom towards others, making the most of the opportunity. Colossians 4:5

Don’t judge a book by its cover= acceptance

wind flowers

Good manners never go out of style= respect


Choose your battles=discernment (sifting)


lone branches

First, walk a mile in their shoes= compassion


twisted vine


                         Two wrongs never make a right= forgiveness



People mean more than things= generosity



            Your word is your bond=                   integrity


Into each life some rain must fall= contentment




This too shall pass= patience



God is everywhere, and we find him anywhere we look.  As I create some of the pieces on our website www.livingakers.com, I think about God and all the glory of nature he placed right at our fingertips.