Tip for Recovering Addicts- Job Satisfaction

Even if you love what you do, chances are there are days you hate your job, or vice versa. Do you feel satisfaction in your job duties? The time, energy and effort you put into your job is a big investment towards your overall well-being.  Your job defines the kind of person you are, affects the people in your life, and can give or take away motivation to continue in recovery.  How you feel about your job should be aligned with the other 4 areas of Tips for recovering addicts- #1- Physical Health, #2- Emotional Health, #3- Relationships, #5- Social/Community

First, consider how you feel each day about going to work:  Do you dread it? Now, think about this further, is it the work you do that you dread, the people you work with, or just getting up early in the morning to get there?  If you truly enjoy your work, chances are, your employer appreciates that. Do you appreciate the place you work?  I was at a masters graduation ceremony recently, and the president of the university said in her speech that the most important thing for career success is to appreciate where you work.

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Let’s consider some other factors that can make or break your job: Is your boss too demanding? Are there unrealistic expectations of your duties? (Be careful, here, because many times the expectations ARE realistic, but we prefer to think it’s too much because in reality, we just don’t like it.) Do you feel other co-workers might be skeptical of your abilities because you are a recovering addict? What is the main purpose of your job? Make a concentrated effort to meet the purpose. You can do this when you understand the mission of the business, and have appreciations for that.

Pay too little? The Bible says; “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.  God will provide, believe it, and you will be able to live within your means.  Have you compared what you make to similar positions elsewhere? Are you meeting the job duty expectations? Do you have a consistent, positive attitude?  If you answer yes to these questions, maybe you would be happier somewhere else if at the end of each day, you are unsatisfied.  That brings up a whole other issue- where, what, how to get another job?

Know your talents, what you are good at. Then start searching for other places, fields of interest within your circumstances and your means.  Maybe you have physical disabilities or don’t want to work with people face to face. If you are needing training, or are currently in the job hunting market, there is a wealth of services out there. Just google it! I found this, for example, it looks kind of exciting: follow your passion by blogging