Tip for Recovering Addicts- Emotional Health

Does life ever get you down? Yeah, it can, plus trying to stay in recovery is hard enough. So, what do you do to get ‘over the humps’?

Pay attention to the areas where balanced strength are important:

1. Physical Health           2. Emotional Health                 3. Relationships     4. Job Satisfaction        5. Help Your Community

In this post, we will provide suggestions for emotional health. Your spiritual strength leads the way whenever you feel weak in some area of life. Pray, knowing that God is ALWAYS there for you.

Identify what- exactly- you are feeling. Ask yourself questions to help you figure out the truth of your emotions.  Honestly consider if your perceptions are accurate.  For example, if you are struggling within any of your relationships, do you really understand the other person, or are you assuming you know?  Are you trying to please him/her and your efforts are unnoticed?  Our emotional well-being relies heavily on our interactions and true communications with others.  If you are feeling self pity, shame, guilt, or apathetic, dig deep within and figure out the real source, then honestly consider what would help to remedy that?

If you are reading this because you feel overwhelmed with life in general, please contact someone who can help; professional services are available.

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If you have doubts about your ability to STAY in recovery, reach out to someone in your support circle.  You will have doubts, moments of weakness, but there is always help.  Face your doubt head-on. What is the worst case scenario? Can you live with it?  YES! Sometimes the worst case scenario is that we might have to bite off some humble pie. That is actually, healthy, believe it or not, so that we don’t get too cocky.  A daily inspirational or motivation book might be helpful.  You can find countless helpful books for very reasonable prices with free shipping at Better World Books.

Or maybe you think you should care more about something that you do, acknowledge what it is, how important it is and if it’s important to someone that is important to you, ‘act as if’ you care.  Remember that from treatment? Acting as if you are the good person you used to be before you changed with addiction is the best way to re connect with that person. It won’t hurt to listen, ask questions and give some of your time and attention to someone else. Remember, somebody did that for you!

This blog can’t even begin to address all problems we face, only YOU can.  If you are reading this because you are so overwhelmed that in spite of everything you know, you still want to use, call your sponsor, another person in recovery, or a hotline. But don’t wait!

Tip for Recovering Addicts- Help Your Community

Do you want your life to be better? Then focus on what you can
do to make life better for others. This post is for motivating social responsibility.

In your recovery journey, have you experienced that sense of being a part of something bigger than yourself? Wonderful, that means you are moving forward in the right direction. Being a part of your community is more than being with your family, it extends way beyond your front porch. But that is a starting point, because, really, what IS your community?

Yes, it’s family, which extends to other family and their involvement. For example, your children’s school has activities you can be part of, their friend’s have parents you can get to know, their teachers and coaches. Do you know your neighbors?       PHILIPPIANS 2:4 NLT 4 Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.       This means everyone you have regular contact with, co-workers, anyone you do business with, people who live in your neighborhood, and of course, family.

Speaking of family, there might be some family members that are struggling in life, maybe even with addiction of their own. How can you help? (I have to point out here as a reminder, that you can’t save them, but you are called upon to help).

By becoming a responsible member of your community, you can find so many ways to give of your talents, time and friendship. People everywhere are struggling with something, and unfortunately, resort to using in order to cope. I have heard so many testimonials from clients who have had loved ones die from overdose and that is so heartbreaking!  You never know, your experience can reach someone before it’s too late.

None of us want our children to end up addicts. There should be contacts, networks, links from your own support circle that can point you in areas where help is needed. Here are just a very few starters:
MAMA- Mothers Against Meth Assoc. www.mamasite.net                        www.notevenonce.com or www.not-even-once.com          These are organizations to help empower parents so that their children do not end up on drugs or dead.  They welcome testimonies from recovering addicts and support. Here’s an idea (even if you don’t live in Oregon, I bet there is something similar in your city.)

Your local church will have many activities/missions/outreach projects that you could become involved with, also. Pray for those in their addiction, their families and the organizations who exist to help others in need. When you begin to help others, it is amazing how your own
problems seem to shrink.

None of us can help everyone. But all of us can help the one in front of us. Even if it is just giving a smile, a word of encouragement, or a helping hand.

Do you want your life to be better? Then focus on what you can
do to make life better for others.


Tip for Recovering Addicts- Job Satisfaction

Even if you love what you do, chances are there are days you hate your job, or vice versa. Do you feel satisfaction in your job duties? The time, energy and effort you put into your job is a big investment towards your overall well-being.  Your job defines the kind of person you are, affects the people in your life, and can give or take away motivation to continue in recovery.  How you feel about your job should be aligned with the other 4 areas of Tips for recovering addicts- #1- Physical Health, #2- Emotional Health, #3- Relationships, #5- Social/Community

First, consider how you feel each day about going to work:  Do you dread it? Now, think about this further, is it the work you do that you dread, the people you work with, or just getting up early in the morning to get there?  If you truly enjoy your work, chances are, your employer appreciates that. Do you appreciate the place you work?  I was at a masters graduation ceremony recently, and the president of the university said in her speech that the most important thing for career success is to appreciate where you work.

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Let’s consider some other factors that can make or break your job: Is your boss too demanding? Are there unrealistic expectations of your duties? (Be careful, here, because many times the expectations ARE realistic, but we prefer to think it’s too much because in reality, we just don’t like it.) Do you feel other co-workers might be skeptical of your abilities because you are a recovering addict? What is the main purpose of your job? Make a concentrated effort to meet the purpose. You can do this when you understand the mission of the business, and have appreciations for that.

Pay too little? The Bible says; “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.  God will provide, believe it, and you will be able to live within your means.  Have you compared what you make to similar positions elsewhere? Are you meeting the job duty expectations? Do you have a consistent, positive attitude?  If you answer yes to these questions, maybe you would be happier somewhere else if at the end of each day, you are unsatisfied.  That brings up a whole other issue- where, what, how to get another job?

Know your talents, what you are good at. Then start searching for other places, fields of interest within your circumstances and your means.  Maybe you have physical disabilities or don’t want to work with people face to face. If you are needing training, or are currently in the job hunting market, there is a wealth of services out there. Just google it! I found this, for example, it looks kind of exciting: follow your passion by blogging