DIM- Did it myself

Imagination is active everywhere in nearly everything I do. Inspiration comes from anywhere/everywhere, sometimes expected, mostly not expected.

…and the greatest of these is love…
+ other pebble art

I have been following a new passion of discovering what is in my forest and on my land to offer.  Here is where it begins.  As I learn something, and try it, I will try to post updates.  If you see something you would like to try or buy, please let me know.  Items are one of a kind, but usually I can create something closely similar.

Here is an example of items at a craft show:
Homemade (cow)milk soap, with homemade infused essential oils; pendants or scarves w/scarf rings; wire trees on stones; concrete leaves, wooden canvas art; teas from native plants; fairy houses.  As I already told you… new ideas and new items on a regular basis. Check my pinterest boards; Made it or Sell it

all made from scratch- raw milk from Clarabelle the Cow

can be soap dish, jewelry dish, or garden deco. Avg is size of a hand