Recovery Tip for addicts about spring fever

What, exactly, is spring fever? That’s kind of an age old question. Poets and songwriters write about it, people talk about getting it every year. The fever part means ‘ a rise in temperature’.  That goes along with the change of season, it means that now the dreariness of winter wears off, the gray skies and constant cold turn to blue with warm sunshine. It doesn’t sound like a sickness to me.

Some medical studies indicate there might be a link to the longer days that provide vitamin D with more exposure to the sun, which increase endorphins. (These make a person feel good) So is spring fever a bad thing? If you look the definition up, it refers to a “lazy restlessness”.  I don’t know about you, but these words seem to me to conflict. Perhaps the lazy refers to a desire to lay out and soak some sun and the restlessness means there’s been a change in energy.

There’s that word, “change” again. For addicts, it’s uncomfortable, scary, but in reality, it is inevitable.  When God created the earth, he created seasons that change with time. We know it, we can count on it. Spring represents renewal, new growth. So, what does this have to do with recovery? The ‘conflict’ in feelings we experience with seasonal changes, is dangerous in regards to relapse.  When you made the decision to be clean, you decided to change, to begin a journey of renewal- physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It’s that restlessness, a desire for something different (new) that you should focus on.

Mark Twain talked about spring fever through Huckleberry Finn who said; “It’s spring fever. And when you’ve got it, you– oh, you don’t quite know what it is you want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”

You can see the renewing change of spring in the bright, green of budding leaves, grass turning green, beautiful colors of blossoms and budding flowers. Oh, and the pollen… which means hayfever/allergies. What to do when THAT strikes? Well, I have a couple suggestions; first, Neti pot (but please, follow the directions for saline solution, NEVER use strait tap water). The tiny molecules of pollen need to be flushed out of the nasal passages, or they irritate, build up and cause allergy symptoms. Second, try natural ingredient remedies. Do whatever you can to avoid taking drugs-even over-the-counter ones.

Now that the dreariness of winter is over, it doesn’t seem like as much sleep is needed, the extra layers of clothes can be shed, kick off the shoes and go barefoot (or at least slip on some flip-flops), the days are longer and the sun feels oh-so-good. It isn’t that hard to find what is positive about the change in seasons, but it is necessary to keep looking for the positive in every change.  If you want more information on recovery, self-help, addiction or just about anything, go to Better World books, they have a fantastic selection, very reasonable prices, fast shipping, and even buy back books.

Look around at all the beauty in the spring changes, fever or not, embrace the renewing!



Tip for Recovering Addicts- Emotional Health

Does life ever get you down? Yeah, it can, plus trying to stay in recovery is hard enough. So, what do you do to get ‘over the humps’?

Pay attention to the areas where balanced strength are important:

1. Physical Health           2. Emotional Health                 3. Relationships     4. Job Satisfaction        5. Help Your Community

In this post, we will provide suggestions for emotional health. Your spiritual strength leads the way whenever you feel weak in some area of life. Pray, knowing that God is ALWAYS there for you.

Identify what- exactly- you are feeling. Ask yourself questions to help you figure out the truth of your emotions.  Honestly consider if your perceptions are accurate.  For example, if you are struggling within any of your relationships, do you really understand the other person, or are you assuming you know?  Are you trying to please him/her and your efforts are unnoticed?  Our emotional well-being relies heavily on our interactions and true communications with others.  If you are feeling self pity, shame, guilt, or apathetic, dig deep within and figure out the real source, then honestly consider what would help to remedy that?

If you are reading this because you feel overwhelmed with life in general, please contact someone who can help; professional services are available.

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If you have doubts about your ability to STAY in recovery, reach out to someone in your support circle.  You will have doubts, moments of weakness, but there is always help.  Face your doubt head-on. What is the worst case scenario? Can you live with it?  YES! Sometimes the worst case scenario is that we might have to bite off some humble pie. That is actually, healthy, believe it or not, so that we don’t get too cocky.  A daily inspirational or motivation book might be helpful.  You can find countless helpful books for very reasonable prices with free shipping at Better World Books.

Or maybe you think you should care more about something that you do, acknowledge what it is, how important it is and if it’s important to someone that is important to you, ‘act as if’ you care.  Remember that from treatment? Acting as if you are the good person you used to be before you changed with addiction is the best way to re connect with that person. It won’t hurt to listen, ask questions and give some of your time and attention to someone else. Remember, somebody did that for you!

This blog can’t even begin to address all problems we face, only YOU can.  If you are reading this because you are so overwhelmed that in spite of everything you know, you still want to use, call your sponsor, another person in recovery, or a hotline. But don’t wait!

Tip for Recovering Addicts #1- Physical Health

Physical health is not to be ignored for recovering addicts. Pay attention to your body symptoms and make the effort to maintain good health.

This blog series is NOT about harping on staying clean. You are already in recovery, so staying clean is obvious, but being in good health makes it easier. This is about finding a sustainable way towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether you are beginning or have been in recovery for awhile, it is important not to neglect 5 important areas of life, which are necessary for balance. This is more than the basic body/mind/spirit idea of balance. I have been successful in recovery for 25 years because I believe in God (I don’t call the omnipotent power ‘higher power’ because God IS God) and I have learned to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Here are 5 areas that need to be in balance independently as well as correspond and overlap with each other.

#1- Physical Health   #2- Emotional Health   #3- Relationships   #4- Job Satisfaction   #5- Community Involvement

First of all- EAT RIGHT!!! That means regular meals at regular intervals. Stay away from junk food and watch the portion size if you need to watch your weight.

If you have a physical condition that requires special diet, you know how important this is.  Fresh foods are always best.  Get natural proteins, vitamins and sources of energy. Here’s one of those tired but true sayings: You are what you eat.

To get some really good information on health aspects, you might want to get this book: The Everything Health Guide to Addiction and Recovery

Secondly- EXERCISE!!! Get up and move, get your circulation going. Even if it means parking farther away at work to get a few extra steps to/from work or the store, it will benefit you in some way.  Keeping up with household chores are a good workout (yeah, I know) but really, they are. Just don’t overdo the vacuuming or mopping if you have a back injury.  If you have the time and budget, by all means, go to a gym or fitness center. Then celebrate your exercise by turning on some music and dancing around the room. This can also can improve your #3-relationships. (Meet other people who care about their health). Getting outdoors is refreshing… go!When you look good, you feel good, so pay attention to your appearance. Treat your skin well, it is the only one you have. Maybe even try making your own skin treatments from ingredients in your kitchen.  Skin resources provides 100’s of easy recipes. See my ‘how to’ video in HOMEMADE Facial Mask- EZ on this site.  And there are many blogs out there that have ideas. I like Jill’s Home Remedies, that’s where I got the idea to use elderberry as a flu preventive. (So far, so good.)

Finally, be VERY cautious about what medications you take. If you have chronic medical problems, be honest with your doctor; be informed about your prescriptions; be willing to consider alternative pain management, so that you don’t fall into a transfer addiction. Don’t kid yourself, there is not a magic pill to make it go away.  I absolutely follow natural/organic/holistic approaches to my ailments.  That includes making my own skin care, grow my own vegetables, and utilize herbs and vitamins to supplement the minor conditions I experience as I age. Finding and taking the proper supplements can aid in eliminating those awful side-effects that sometimes are worse than the symptoms of synthetic medication.  Our bodies are wonders of creation, they can heal and mend, but it requires patience, knowledge and persistence. As I have said before; watch, listen, read.  Here are some suggestions for natural products you could try instead of potentially addicting prescriptions. Check out the ads on the right of this article.

For updates and advice about medical, I recommend:  They talk about all kinds of things, from foods to medication to general tips- just about everything!  If you are curious or very interested in natural medicine, you might want to check out this natural home remedies ebook.

New Day in naturally healthy way

So, now that January is nearing an end, is your resolution also nearing an end or is your resolve continuing?  I hope it is, because new years resolutions are made with good intentions to change something that suits our needs, but doesn’t necessarily align with our wants.  It takes a concentrated effort daily to make that change stick.  Recovering addicts know this better than anyone. It is something that has to be thought about  each and every new day, one day at a time. Complications happen.  The key is to simplify.

Remind yourself of the positive reason you made your goal (resolution) before considering the obstacles. Those are what complications are made of. Your health and well being are first priority.  If only there was a magic pill for all the physical problems we face; diabetes, high blood pressure, headaches, etc or dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, etc.  Keep in mind that the human body was designed for living.  Nature is God-created, just like you.  Why do we turn our nose up at the things that are good for us, and choose instead, the alternative?Treat every day as a new day. If you are in the process of changing an old habit into something new, (and better) don’t stop! Keep learning, keep trying new, healthy things!  If you are looking for natural products to treat any number of nagging ailments, take a moment to look at some alternative resources,   such as herbal treatments, natural, nutritional foods and products that you can even make yourself.  Read, learn, listen.  Have you ever read the labels on products in the stores and can’t pronounce the ingredients? All the more reason to find the natural alternative remedy.  And there is one, because human will, spirit and the power of natural healing really can work.  Let me know what you think and feel free to add comments.