poison ivy natural remedy tips

Did you know that all you need is”Jewel Weed” which grows right next to the poison ivy.  Pick off a leaf and rub the sap onto the area that touched the poison ivy. You can apply it later, also when the welts appear.I found fantastic information from frugally sustainable about the many ways to treat poison ivy.  As easy and simple as Apple Cider Vinegar, a banana peel or a blended up raw potato applied as a poultice.  There is a post by Andrea on Frugally Sustainable that gives many ideas to try. Such as: Drying paste. In the palm of your hand, make a paste with a tablespoon of bentonite clay, essential oils(10 drops total of either lavender, tea tree, chamomile, or geranium), and just enough water to moisten into a paste. Apply to rash and allow to dry before rinsing off. Use as often as needed. Also: Herbal compress. Make a strong tea using either burdock root, plantain, comfrey, or jewelweed — or any combination of these herbs. Apply to the skin by soaking a clean cloth in the tea and then placing the cloth on the affected areas. Let it dry and re-apply as often as needed. It should relieve the itching immediately.  Witch hazel: Spraying the affected area with witch hazel will help to ease the itch and dry the blisters.

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Get a good picture of what poison ivy looks like, so you can easily identify it, if you come across it.

Get out there and enjoy the outdoors!!! Don’t let a little plant ruin it.