Recovery Tip for addicts about spring fever

What, exactly, is spring fever? That’s kind of an age old question. Poets and songwriters write about it, people talk about getting it every year. The fever part means ‘ a rise in temperature’.  That goes along with the change of season, it means that now the dreariness of winter wears off, the gray skies and constant cold turn to blue with warm sunshine. It doesn’t sound like a sickness to me.

Some medical studies indicate there might be a link to the longer days that provide vitamin D with more exposure to the sun, which increase endorphins. (These make a person feel good) So is spring fever a bad thing? If you look the definition up, it refers to a “lazy restlessness”.  I don’t know about you, but these words seem to me to conflict. Perhaps the lazy refers to a desire to lay out and soak some sun and the restlessness means there’s been a change in energy.

There’s that word, “change” again. For addicts, it’s uncomfortable, scary, but in reality, it is inevitable.  When God created the earth, he created seasons that change with time. We know it, we can count on it. Spring represents renewal, new growth. So, what does this have to do with recovery? The ‘conflict’ in feelings we experience with seasonal changes, is dangerous in regards to relapse.  When you made the decision to be clean, you decided to change, to begin a journey of renewal- physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It’s that restlessness, a desire for something different (new) that you should focus on.

Mark Twain talked about spring fever through Huckleberry Finn who said; “It’s spring fever. And when you’ve got it, you– oh, you don’t quite know what it is you want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”

You can see the renewing change of spring in the bright, green of budding leaves, grass turning green, beautiful colors of blossoms and budding flowers. Oh, and the pollen… which means hayfever/allergies. What to do when THAT strikes? Well, I have a couple suggestions; first, Neti pot (but please, follow the directions for saline solution, NEVER use strait tap water). The tiny molecules of pollen need to be flushed out of the nasal passages, or they irritate, build up and cause allergy symptoms. Second, try natural ingredient remedies. Do whatever you can to avoid taking drugs-even over-the-counter ones.

Now that the dreariness of winter is over, it doesn’t seem like as much sleep is needed, the extra layers of clothes can be shed, kick off the shoes and go barefoot (or at least slip on some flip-flops), the days are longer and the sun feels oh-so-good. It isn’t that hard to find what is positive about the change in seasons, but it is necessary to keep looking for the positive in every change.  If you want more information on recovery, self-help, addiction or just about anything, go to Better World books, they have a fantastic selection, very reasonable prices, fast shipping, and even buy back books.

Look around at all the beauty in the spring changes, fever or not, embrace the renewing!