Cuckoo to get coconut oil?

So I found out that pure coconut oil is the anti-aging skin remedy. Then I saw how expensive it is and got a wild hair to extract my own. I do not recommend this for anyone lacking in the virtue of patience… After 3 days of tapping, cracking, peeling, shredding, squeezing, fermenting, separating, slow heating and extracting…I got 2 Tbs. But the coconut was $1.79!! LoLskincare 003



I started by drilling a hole to drain the milk, then placing the coconut in a big vice that we have, cracking it. I took all the pieces and separated the meat from the peel.  Then I ran the pieces through the food processor, adding warm water to make a paste.  The instructions I followed said   to squeeze the paste into a jar of the coconut milk, and wait for it to ferment and separate.   IMG_20130721_162456_375


A hard paste forms at the top of the jar, that is where the oil is. I took that out, melted it in a boiling bath, then ran it through the cheesecloth again to filter.  This was a long, labor filled process. IMG_20130721_171610_234

After all that, I decided to check prices and found the best price for quantity at The refined comes in a gallon, or 5 gallon quantity.  The unrefined is better for cooking than the refined with smallest quantity 32 ounces. I wanted it to use it as an anti-aging product. I have been using it now, for over a year, and can tell a distinct difference.

I LOVE making things from pure nature, and went a little cuckoo for the coconut oil, but it was worth it! Check out more ideas about what can be created from or about nature.


Surprisingly easy homemade Shea Moisterizer

So, I surprised myself when I discovered how fast and easy it was to make my own shea butter moisterizer.  I love the natural ingredients products that are available out there from spas, but since I can’t afford them, I decided to save money.  Getting started was even easier than making the cream. First, I ordered the ‘unrefined Shea Butter’ and ‘almond oil’ from Mountain Rose Herbs.   They have fantastic quality and selection of just about any organic herb, butter, oil, anything that nature provides, with reasonable prices and quick shipping.  I chose Almond Oil because even though I have normal skin, my forehead tends to get oily, and Almond oil absorbs real well. I even got the recipe from them.  Shea is the ‘butter’ from the nuts of “Karite” tree, ground by hand as the livllihood for women in Africa. It has fantastic, nourishing qualities, as well as edible! I have to mention that, because my daughter, the esthetician jokes in a serious manner, that if you won’t put it in your mouth, why would you put it on your skin? You can find out tons of information on Shea, natural ingredients, and many, many health tips at: Care2 Make a Difference.

Next, Measure out: 2 ounces of unrefined Shea Butter and 3/4 ounce of oil.  I put them in a pyrex measuring cup in a hot water bath to melt. (This took like 2 minutes).  Then add a capsule of vitamin E, 4 to 5 drops of essential oil of your choice and whip it until it starts to set.

If it has a grainy texture when it cools, NO WORRIES, just re-heat it and whip it again. I have been using it on my legs after shaving, and I gotta say that it does wonders!!!  Mountain Rose Herbs also has several types of containers that you could put this in to impress and share with your friends as gifts. Give this a try!!!

I have been using this during the extended heat wave, temperatures over 100 and have NOT gotten sunburnt!!!  It’s true!!!  get information on anything homemade, money saving tips, just about anything you can imagine!